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We are the customer service-driven auto repair shop for the Oakville driver.

Oakville Auto Radiator Service Ltd.: Repairs & Installations since 1961

Locally owned and operated Oakville Auto Radiator Service Ltd. has served customers in Oakville, Burlington and surrounding communities with the very best in automotive repair, maintenance and rebuilding services since 1961, specializing in auto and truck radiators and air conditioning.

We are experienced with all makes and models of auto, truck, and commercial vehicles, both foreign and domestic. At our Oakville shop, we keep an extensive inventory of parts so that we can handle your repair quickly. Most of all, our #1 priority is customer satisfaction and we provide superior services, quality products and competitive pricing in pursuit of that goal.

Air Conditioning

Hot or Cold? Be Neither

Come sun or snow, you can enjoy a comfortable car environment year-round.


Radiator Repair and Service

We repair, rebuild, flush and clean both auto and truck radiators.

Car Repairs

All Makes and Models

With a large inventory of parts, we can repair and service most automobiles or trucks.


The Full Check-up

We offer comprehensive diagnostics to ensure road safety.


We specialize in repairs, maintenance and installations of auto and truck radiators, particularly heavy truck and industrial radiators. Our experienced technicians can clean, rebuild, flush and repair your radiators back to top working condition.


Staying warm in the winter or cool in the summer depends on how well you’ve maintained your A/C and heating systems. Making sure these systems are working properly means more than making yourself comfortable – your A/C and heating are also important in regulating the temperature of your car parts. When you come to Oakville Auto Radiator Service Ltd., we offer expert repair and maintenance services for your auto air conditioning and heating systems.


We also offer a wide inventory of new and rebuilt auto parts and materials. We invite you to stop by our shop or give us a call to discuss your needs or to schedule a service appointment.

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